Reading is a great way of finally being alone with yourself. It’s completely different from watching a movie on television, chatting with our loved ones or going to the cinema, which are different rituals and pastimes which yes, excite us, but do not allow us to relax as much as we think they do. Instead, reading enables us to devote space and energy only to ourselves.
It’s a time-honoured pastime which many people are eager to pursue whenever they can, despite the hundreds of recreational activities that are available to us today.
Choices range from mantra books that you read several times to the latest detective novel written by your favourite author or treatises on philosophy, medicine or economics.
The starting point is always a comfortable place for reading. Either on a sofa, sitting cross-legged somewhere, lounging on a deckchair on the beach or lying in bed.
Reading and listening to music are hard to do together. Music often does not match the content of the book you are reading and it insinuates itself into your reading, changing how you feel.
It is even worse when it is noise rather than music that disturbs your equanimity.
However, that precious moment can be cherished and nurtured by drinking a good smoothie or glass of wine at the right temperature.
READING is a further support, which contributes to our wellbeing. It is for all of us, engendering harmony.

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