Pietro Leemann provides a comprehensive consultation service for hotels, restaurants and the agri-food industry, enabling them to greatly improve the quality and variety of their products as well as enhance their efficiency and internal organisation, but also reduce impact on the environment.
Thanks to his vast expertise in the fields of gastronomy, food and health, Pietro Leemann offers top-class personalised advice and practical, fine-tuned bespoke solutions. Proposals are drawn up rapidly, although more time is required for challenging or long-term projects.
Pietro Leeman’s consultancy is directed at hotels, restaurants, community kitchens and the agri-food industry. He accompanies private and public companies in achieving their objectives. Thanks to targeted, tangible support, the various business entities manage to improve the quality and range of their products/operations, as well as optimise efficiency and internal structure, reduce environmental deterioration, besides achieving a higher return on invested capital.