Joia academy


The Joia Academy is an independent institute founded by Pietro Leemann and Sauro Ricci in 2015 to disseminate the values of vegetarian culture, from a food, health, agricultural, social, philosophical and psychological point of view. Therefore, the Joia Academy is much more than just a cooking school. It is a cultural laboratory committed to vegetarianism as an ethical choice for achieving wellbeing as individuals and for the community as a whole.
Thanks to a rich programme of practical and theoretical courses open to professionals and enthusiasts, the Academy is an ideal way of creating a healthy, tasty, elegant cuisine, but above all, suitable for today’s world. Chef Sauro Ricci is the principal of the school and the teachers are the restaurant’s most experienced chefs. Lessons are designed both for professionals and aficionados and, in fact, the courses embody the confluence of the techniques developed over more than thirty years of running a top-class restaurant.

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