Joia and Milan


Joia loves Milan and the feeling is mutual. Over the years, the city has completely changed. It has become a pleasant, stimulating, radiant, avant-garde place, which is concerned about the environment and its inhabitants’ quality of life. It is popular with youngsters, people of all religions, and it firmly supports gender equality.
It is a fashionable city, so it has become a top-rated tourist destination which is highly appreciated by people who love Italian culture, beauty and style.
Joia has actively participated in and contributed to this transformation. As its cuisine is avant-garde and perfectly suits a metropolis, it attracts guests from all over the world, who stop over in Milan to come and eat at our restaurant.
chi siamo - siamo - storia e fondazione
The restaurant
A venue that is of the times, yet timeless.
Joia was designed by the architect, Marcello Marelli, and its lighting is by Davide Gropi. The restaurant has an elegant, yet at the same time, understated décor. Wood and clean forms prevail. The style evokes oriental essentiality, with an important focus on design.
The acoustics were designed by Bruno Dorella who composed, specifically for Joia, an evocative music with bucolic atmospheres that make the guest feel close to Nature, to himself and to the people with whom they share the meal. This is a real revolution.
The dining area is soundproofed and the air-conditioning is just right.
The tables have been specially made to appropriately furnish the dining space. Fine crockery, silver cutlery and crystal glasses are used. The waiters’ uniforms are modern and elegant.



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