Dining room


Joia looks ahead but also looks back on the past, when table service in large restaurants was an integral part of the dining ritual. Therefore, many dishes are offered, either finished or prepared in front of diners. There is a precious exchange between our guests and the food we offer: a way of enhancing an important aspect of food is created, that is, the fact that it builds rapport. This runs contrary to the notion that it is only the cuisine which is considered important. Because, as Gualtiero Marchesi stated, 60% of success is determined by the service.
Guests are served with great care by the dining-room staff, who are a key part of the dining experience. They meticulously explain the dishes to guests, after having personally tasted and understood them beforehand.
People who go to Joia do not only eat well-cooked food, but they also enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. It’s like going to a good concert or a particularly successful theatrical performance.
The same goes for the restaurant’s wine list. Each wine has its own history, producer and place of origin, all elements that convey a drink rich in its identity of interesting ̶ at times extraordinary ̶ features. Wines are explained to diners, who then begin a fascinating journey ̶ a narrative that unfolds along a sensory path embellished and adorned by the sacred drink.
Good wine upholds good food, so it is essential to know how to choose and pair it. This is necessary for achieving the perfect balance. The same attention is paid to our coffees, teas and herbal teas. Drinks are prepared and offered with expertise and great care.div>

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