We can meditate by simply desiring to do so. We can practise meditation by doing yoga, chanting mantras and focusing on our breathing.
The aim is to relax and regenerate, to enter a mental dimension that makes us feel good. In this state you begin an introspective journey that engenders strength and courage, allowing you to unravel difficult situations and providing solutions to long-standing concerns, as well as to make clear-cut decisions, thus opening up new perspectives.
To connect us with the subtle energies that guide creation.
This also occurs spontaneously, while at the end of the day we finally relax, sitting in an armchair, gazing out of a window at sunset and ̶ why not? ̶ when cooking.
Both of these approaches, in terms of desire and spontaneity, need a suitable place for us to connect with our inner selves ̶ in complete silence or immersed in an environment with sympathetic sounds.
This is the purpose of MEDITATION, which lightly supports us in this precious activity.

Just a fragment…

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